Tilting Toward Chaos is Now Available!

Tilting_v3“The winds of grace are always blowing, but we must raise our sail.”
-Sri Ramakrishna

 In Tilting Toward Chaos, part one of a larger work-in-progress, Nancy shares a radical approach to befriending change, inviting the reader to pause on the quivering edge of inevitable transition and ask, “What is truly ending here? What is beginning, or opening? What new opportunity is being born right before my eyes?”

Rather than cowering in confusion or reacting in fear, she encourages the reader to be curious about change, to take courageous yet calm steps toward what feels unknown, to “raise our sail” in the face of anxiety, stress, and doubt. For within the constantly shifting landscape of our days lie countless opportunities to re-imagine, re-create and renew the very fabric of our existence.

• Kindle Edition e-book available on Amazon

(Kindle e-books can be downloaded onto iPads that have the Kindle app)

 • Printed Edition available on Blurb




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